Charleston Green by Stephanie Alexander BOOK Review

Southern charm, a southern coastal town, ghosts and lots of drama, laughs and smiles; what’s not to like about this book? I’ll tell you, only the time until the sequel comes out!

Special thanks to the author and Kate Rock for special readers copy! This book made my dream of visiting the Carolina coast, even bigger and more important.

The descriptions, the heart and the life in this novel, I grabbed it up happily and I want more! Jane and Henry died many, many years ago and unbeknownst to Tipsy, they “haunt” her new house, courtesy of her divorce from her kiddos father. Tipsy is special, she can see and hear and interact with them and she sets out to see what exactly happened to them and why they can’t “leave” the house for the better. Tipsy is my kind of person, she’s a great Mom and has the personality where she’ll tell you straight what’s going on in your friendship. She’s a southerner and stands up to her jealousy infused ex husband.

Reading this, just reminds me of why I’m so fond of my southern roots. Why hauntings and ghost stories make my ears prickle in excitement and listen to every little detail. The south has a history and it’s a rich one for good reason.

You all need to read this and you need to tell me your thoughts afterwards. I absolutely loved it and I cannot wait for the next one and I hope there’s one after that?


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